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Sculptures of Estepona

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The sculptures exhibited in different streets and squares are. Plaza de Las Flores: "The elephant BENONE" Toby Govan. Plaza Ortiz: "Mavi" of Santiago de Santiago. Old Town Hall Plaza Blas Infante. "Milagros" of Santiago de Santiago. Sculpture in bronze with a height of just over one meter. . Glen Plaza, next to Castillo de San Luis, "Love saves" of Santiago de Santiago. Sculpture in bronze and just over a meter high. . Bda. "Ophelia" by Joaquin Aguilera. El Carmen, C / Guadiaro (together church of El Carmen) This is a sculpture made of granite stone and white cement, and is an allegory about motherhood. It has a height of 2.5 meters and a width of 1.30 m .. It has soft curvy shapes ranging offering a changing appearance varies during the day as the incidence of light. . Congress Palace: Sculpture dedicated to Paul Naschy Joaquin Aguilera. Bda. El Carmen, C / Guadiaro (near Church of El Carmen): "Christ the Redeemer" by Francisco Alarcon. Promenade, next to the post office: Monument to Joaquín Aguilera tourist. . Promenade (height Avda Juan Carlos.): "In your arms" Tobi Govan. Promenade (formerly height Bus station): "The rise" Tobi Govan. . Avda. San Lorenzo (Japanese Garden): "The Buddha" Tobi Govan. . Parque El Calvario (Playground): "The dragon in the sun" Tobi Govan. Sculpture in limestone material depicting a Komodo dragon. . Avda. Carlos Cano (with C / Dolphin): "analyzes" of Santiago de Santiago. Sculpture depicting a man sitting with part of his brain in hand, making a reflection on the mind and the power of reasoning. . Plaza Diario ABC: "Evasion" of Santiago de Santiago. Sculpture made of bronze, with a height of three meters and a weight of 300 kilos. It depicts a woman who wish to retain some elements of the past but finally get up and get the glory. . C / Real (Paseillo): Sculpture of Santiago de Santiago.

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