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Murals tour

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Wander around the different neighborhoods and areas hosting in their buildings paintings of great quality and originality, and discover a new way to enjoy art. Estepona commitment to culture and art exhibits in its streets. Artistic murals decorate the facades of buildings in different neighborhoods and areas of the municipality, giving life and making them more attractive and different for tourists and visitors.

1. BARRIADA SEA AND SIERRA: artistic mural of 120 square meters of the author Ana Cecilia Salinas, in which the author has wanted to include prehistoric statuette known as "Venus" of Estepona.

2. NEIGHBORHOOD OF TELEVISION: artistic mural of 30 meters high entitled "Estepona Bermeja" the author Ana Cecilia Salinas. It is an allegorical work of the city where references are also the chess world for its proximity to the "Square of Chess". In painting predominates russet red hue reminiscent floors Sierra Bermeja.

3. BARRIADA THREE FLAGS: 80 square meters mural of the artist Conchi Álvarez entitled "House of Good People". It is a trompe l'oeil depicting characters from the neighborhood, besides being an interactive work where people who contemplate it can play with your prospect, so they appear to be part of the same when photographed with her.

4. EXTENSION ave. SAN LORENZO: "Almas del Mar" is the title of this mural located in a building of the extension of Avenida San Lorenzo and is a tribute to the seafaring Estepona.. Work of artist White Larrauri, representing three seaworthy scenes: boats returning from fishing, fishermen sewing nets and boats moored in the harbor.

5. BARRIADA SAN ISIDRO: mural by Ana Cecilia Salinas entitled "Times of clarity" and that is a tribute to the natural landscapes of the city. It is made from two perspectives.

6. BARRIADA SPRING: These two murals on two buildings Slum Spring, located in the C / Terrace, entitled "Loving Mother" and "The eyes of a child" by artist Francisco Alarcón. In both creations, which has been used a range of shades of gray, white and black, the artist wanted to pay tribute to the mother figure on the one hand and creativity of children and the importance of learning the artistic language in personal development on the other.

7. BARRIADA DEL CID: mural entitled "Come and See" by local artist Elena Aguilera, with the collaboration of painters Alejandro Garcia and Manuel Aguilera. This creation, located on Calle Goya, is the circus theme and children, emphasizing its ethereal aesthetics and movement transmitted to represent a series of pirouettes trapeze artists who perform under a circus tent. It has been very mixed screened tones acrylics and oils on a background of plastic for the volatile effect that characterizes painting.

8. ABC PLAZA: Mural entitled "XXI Century" Nestor Prada.

9. CONFERENCE CENTRE: Mural located in one of the walls inside the Palacio de Congresos, made by the artist Juan José San Pedro.

10. PLAZA ARMED FORCES: Mural titled "Antonia Guerrero Foundation" artist Joaquin Aguilera and that is a tribute to Antonia Guerrero and his work for the education of women Esteponera. The work consists of two parts, a ready-made relief, and another made of paint. For the part of relief it has been used applied polyurethane resin plates and pictorial creation has been used a mixed technique acrylic and oil. The mural depicts the image of a girl climbing the steps of the church of Los Remedios, this rise simulating different levels of training that is acquiring. Doves in the upper part of the work represent the freedom gained by women. a bust that honors Antonia Guerrero also appears.

11. BARRIADA REMEDIES: mural located in the C / Our Lady of Remedies and entitled "A flower future" made by the artist J.F. Rivers. This is a realistic painting where the sea is very present and representing a flower.

12. BARRIADA ISABEL SIMON: Mural titled "Fishing Day" by artist Jose Fernandez Rios. It is a work that occupies six facades of this emblematic neighborhood, occupying a dimension of almost 1,000 square meters and that make artistic mural largest area of ​​Spain. It is made with acrylic paint and enamel exterior, using the technique of trompe l'oeil to play with different perspectives and recreate a sequence in which the fisherman throws a rod and catch a piece.

13. BARRIADA PICASSO - BLAS INFANTE: This is a mural that occupies four buildings in this neighborhood made by prison inmates of Alhaurin de la Torre collective Moraga and financed by the company Ferrovial Services. They are the first made with sculptures, which have been prepared in metal and steel, representing three fish and a jellyfish large, and secondary figures such as algae and sea urchins, which recreate a seabed.

14. STREET GUADIARO: estepona work of the artist who lives in New York, Javier Infantes. It is titled "Blue and sea, liquid emotions" and is located on the facade of Residential Jardines del Carmen. The theme of the book addresses the sea, water, blue sky, the horizon, the light and reflections, and is inspired by melancholy and longing of Estepona felt by the author, who lives in New York since the year 2007 . it is made on wood with acrylic paint protected by a special resin.

15. STREET MANTILLA (BDA SEA AND SIERRA.): A work by the artist Juan Abia Dam, known as "Nano4814" and titled "Keep on Trucking". This is a job that combines figurative and abstract art and enter the street art and graffiti.

16. BARRIADA THREE FLAGS: a work by the French artist Eric Aman entitled "Angel, the diver". The work, modern style, depicts a young man in swimsuit through a brick wall to break into the building facade.

17. BARRIADA BLAS INFANTE: mural by the Moraga Collective entitled "Salartij". It consists of two metal pieces inserted 5 meters in the facade of the building number 12 of this neighborhood and recreating two salamanders.

18. AVDA. ANDALUCIA (BDA ARMED FORCES.): The creator Jose Fernandez Rios is the author of this mural entitled "Watering the Garden" and that recreates realistic style to a little girl playing in a garden and watering with a hose the tree is planted on the street. With this "visual game" is meant to symbolize the hope that future generations learn to respect and care for nature.

19. PLAZA SAN FERNANDO: This mural honors the Municipal Band's 75th anniversary, and represents various instruments and musical notes to recognize the work done in the municipality by the band since its inception. It's called 'Aires Music' and has been realized in a building of the Plaza San Fernando Larrauri by the artist Blanca.

20. AVDA. SAN LORENZO (VÍCTOR COLLEGE SERNA): "pruning the bougainvillea" is a mural with an area of ​​300 square meters occupied by four facades of the building of the school. Hyperrealist style represents a gardener taking care of a bougainvillaea, seeking the visual effect of "confusion" because pedestrians have the impression that the gardener is a real person. Jinense work of artist Jose Fernandez Rios.

21. AVDA. ANDALUSIA (GUARDERIA THE SMURFS): Mural local artist Encarna de Hoyos pays tribute to the agricultural tradition of the municipality of Estepona. It is entitled "Irene's garden".

22. C / CHRIST OF LOVE (EDF CARNATIONS.): The work, entitled "4M" represents an impressionistic portrait of ten meters in height actress Scarlett Johansson by the author Miguel Gonzalez.

23. C / DOS DE MAYO (BARRIADA SOLIS): Two murals titled "Without memory there is no history" made by Joaquín Aguilera Solis neighborhood, works in which the fishermen of Estepona is honored with scenes of boats and art and disused fishing, bowling. It refers to the beginning of the quarter, where fishermen were relocated from the area Saladillo middle of the last century.

24. C / MARY MAGDALENE (BDA ARMED FORCES.): Work dedicated to the Patron of the city, San Isidro Labrador, and signed by the artist Blanca Larrauri. The work represents half body image pattern, which pays tribute mural, and is made of acrylic type poster with dimensions of 60 m2.

25. C / SALVADOR DALI (NEXT TO ORQUIDARIO): Vertical Garden 7 blocks located next to the Botanical Park - Orquidario, the hyperrealist painter Jose Fernandez Rios, a work in which palm trees, bougainvillea and balconies make a visual game with stunning vegetation existing in the area.

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