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Harbour of Estepona

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Harbour of Estepona, beautiful urban set of undisputed sailor air, allows the tour of the site becomes a moment of true enjoyment, between sea smell, the wonderful view of the populated sea of ships, and the comings and goings of passersby looking relaxed deserved rest, possibly they found in one of the many great restaurants and shops on it installed.

Features: latitude 36 ° 24 'N. and longitude 5 ° 9' W. Radio VHF CH 9 and 16. It has 447 moorings from 8 to 35 m. length, half of them for rent. Bocana: 80 m. wide and 5 m. deep. Background: rocky, from 1.50 to 4 m. deep. Blue Flag. Also it has all the facilities of a first class port.

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29680 Estepona (Málaga) Tlf:951 46 64 70 Tlf:674 954 777